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About Us

My name is Randhir Singh. I am pleased that you are interested in a journey to Rajasthan and North India and that you are visiting my homepage! Rajasthan is the second largest state of India and is located in the northwest of the country. Although over 50% of the total area of Rajasthan is occupied by the Thar Desert, it is scenically varied. But above all, Rajasthan offers very much culture. The number of destinations to be visited (palaces of Maharajas, mighty fortresses, temples , endless sand dunes and much more) and the colors of the country (the saris of the women, the turbans of the men and the colorful markets, Temples) are nearly inexhaustible. Therefore, Rajasthan is also the most visited state in India.

This homepage is intended both for guests who wish to go for a self-planned travel through India (particularly Rajasthan, Delhi and Agra, but also for example Punjab, Haryana and Uttarakhand,Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh), as well as guests who prefer an organized tour, but nevertheless want to travel Amazing!

On the following sites I would like to introduce myself to you, suggest my most nice tour, describe my services and with my photos I will give you some impressions of my beautiful country. I would be delighted to welcome you in India and to organize your journey through my homeland.

Welcome to My Home Page :

My name is Randhir Singh. I am Hindu and I was born in 1981 in Rajasthan. I am working in New Delhi (India).

Here are Some Facts About Me:

Since 2004 I am working in Delhi for several tourism-enterprises as a licensed tourist-driver. In 2012 I founded my own company ‘ Sumit Rajasthan Taxi Service and now I offer tours by myself.

About My Company:

My guests are mainly from Europe and the USA &U.K. As I come from Rajasthan, I offer preferred travels through this Indian region. I know Rajasthan very well and so I am able to recommend to my guests also sights off the typical tourist routes. I speak Hindi and English and Rajasthani fluently as well as a little bit Haryanvi. I employ nice and reliable drivers. And together with them I am interested to satisfy my guests!

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Tue Mar 21 , 2023
Camel Festival The Camel Festival is organized by the Department of Tourism of the Rajasthan Government in January every year in Bikaner. The Festival begins with a colorful procession of bedecked camels against the red sandstone backdrop of the Junagarh Fort. Held is a tug-of-war contest, best breed competition, camel dance and acrobatics among other […]